Monday, December 6, 2010

Ugliest hand of my year...

Like most players, I tend to beat myself up bad over mistakes i make in my game, there's nothing worse then blowing a potential decent score through a mistake of your own making, gimme a bad beat anyday of the week.

Thankfully, these mistakes have been decreasing in my game as time goes on but i did made a massive blunder last night in the rcoop 6max on stars. Feel i need to put it down here to get it outta my system. Was 2nd in chips with 22 left, when the chipleader came and sat himself down directly to my right, first hand he raises i 3bet and he flats my cbet + donk lead the turn, i gave up..the next pot in which we got tangled up in was one i really felt i needed to win against this big stax for momentum at the table, as i had been table boss before he came to town, so ya i got caught up in this needless muscle flexing nonsensical car crash of a hand

Ya, its pretty bad... i dont mind the 3bet pre, but his donk is very strong into a 3bet pot, something i often do myself to induce a spazz out reshove, so ya why am i floating here and not betting turn when he checks anyways? Also my line makes no sense on the river so most everything he donks the flop with should call me here, it such a horribly played rush of ego tilt induced feck my equity in the tournament out the window shove that i have to shame myself and post it here as a public reminder to myself that i know better. I know we learn from our mistakes and all that mullarky, but i've made these mistakes before and am playing long enough to know better.

Anyways playing as a big stack in a 6 max tornie i was constantly involved in hands for what was at that stage over 7 hours straight, this obviously contributed to the brain fry, but i gotta be able for that.I had got my stack up to that point by being gifted chips in much the same manner as i gave them away; most players, seemed to go into auto aggro mode just cause it was 6 max, but the structure was so good in this one + it was being played so aggro spewy, that you could afford to wait + would be rewarded for it. Which makes my spew all the worse. Was no suprise to me when i looked this morn at the results and the notes i had kept on the 1st and 2nd place both said "pot controller".

So, now ive cleared my head of that hand and confessed to my donkishness... Surely this gives me rights to future shameless brag + boasts on here? Nah, never does.... and dont call me Shirley (R.I.P Leslie Nielsen).


Unfortunatly had to miss the ukipt Galway last weekend due to family commitments but hats off to Doke for some great grinding to a 13th place finish, Eoin Olin who finished 5th and Maurice Silke for his 3rd place finish. Also had a bit of interest in Dan Rankin; DatwilldoPig on stars, a great young online player who forms part of the powerful Portlaois tribe with Gavonator and Laois Hammer. I met Dan at the satellite for the same Galway event last year, i was down the night before at the pstars party having a few drinks with Mark Walsh, owner of the Adelaide casino in Sligo. Having already binked a few seats online i wasnt too pushed about the sat, but when we heard word of an overlay, i figured that by at least playing the sat, id avoid getting in a complete mess with Mark.

So we played and sitting at the same table as Dan, we started chatting poker, i recognised his name from online and remembered he had been in the Galway sats every night without binking a seat. So really felt for the guy when he bust as i could see how much it meant to him to play it, been there before...

Anyways, I saw the sat as total freeroll as i was on a win win, avoiding a big night on the booze and i figured a young online guy like Dan would be great value versus the field anyways, so when he bust i said to myself that if i won a seat id stake Dan half the buyin, so with this decent motivation behind me, i binked the seat. Letting Dan know, we swapped numbers and he said he'd call me if he could come up with the other grand, so that was that.

I woke the next morning, with a bit of a sore head, thinking did i just offer a relative stranger 1k?? Holy shit, im not rolled for this!!! Had a coffee and relaxed safe in the knowledge that he was in no way gonna come up with his grand.. Well come up with it he did, throwing the last few bob he had on the first 7/1 shot he saw down the bookies!! I gladly passed him my stake cause with a story like that i was sure he was hitting the final table... shame it was a bloody year later,but fair play to him he made it, well played Dan...

Next Up

So next live outing for me looks like the adelaide casino xmas 3k on this Sunday the 12th followed by a return to France on the 18th for another leg of their regional pstars tour. Online i'm gonna try play a few more rcoops, ipoker nightlys and focus on sats to Ept Deauville and possibly the emop Gran Canaria.

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  1. Cheers Ferg. *insert encouraging comment about learning from mistakes here* :)